Level Up, Betches, it’s Burger Time!


Anyone up for a game night this weekend? It’s Burger Time! These little eggs and wieners rack my nerves—but I give ’em a squirt of secret chef sauce, stun them, and scootch on by! Down with breakfast! The burgers must be made! What was your favorite Nintendo game? …I probably have it! Rampart? Check. Joust? I’ll battle you on my ostrich! Wanna find Waldo? He’s here! So hit me up if you wanna have a game night! I’ll make cookies and coffee 😀 Or breakfast with sausage and eggs!

December Review

Despite the holiday stress, I hope it’s been a fun month for everyone! I’m not sure how you handled it, but I’ve been pounding instruments, eating rich foods, and concocting chocolate recipes to soothe the soul! Check out this Pacific Northwest fun—it’s contagious! Continue reading

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Hot Cocoa by Bethany Potter, Catfight Craft

If you haven’t found the perfect cup of cocoa— the one that let’s your worries melt away so you can indulge in the sweetness and feel no remorse-than you’re not drinking the right drink! Try my recipe on Catfight Craft’s blog, and you’ll find a great cup of hot chocolate you can whip up year-round is only 5 minutes away. Get the Recipe →

Pizza Dreams: An Introduction


Have you noticed certain foods affect your dreams? Well, I love pizza! But when I eat it for dinner, my dreamy escapades turn into seemingly real catastrophes! So, I’m starting a segment called Pizza Dreams, in which I show you the delightful pizza I ate the night before, then describe the dark misadventures ensuing in dream land! Continue reading

Get your Cheese Straight from the Farm

Willapa Hills Farm ChalkboardFall in Seattle is way too wet, and unless you’re excited by rain, it can get depressing. To combat those wet-shoe blues, I hit the road with friends! This trip, we drove about 2 hours south, where we found the cutest family farm nestled inside a river bend, with aged cheeses, fresh eggs, and the happiest lil’ hostess ever! Tour Willapa Hills with me, and see why farm fresh is better →

A Very Twin Peaks Halloween

Twin Peaks Halloween Costume Party

Despite the downpour outside, Halloween was a blast as always! Check out our Twin Peaks costumes—I’m Shelly, Garrett is Bob, and Patrick is the Log Lady! I think we got lost in our own Black Lodge that evening… Irregardless, we can’t wait for the 25th anniversary of David Lynch’s show! Continue reading