Fremont Farmer’s Market

There’s many cool-but-costly events which bring the community together in Seattle, but if you’re looking for a free, unique year-round destination, visit the Fremont Sunday Market. Fremont is a wondrous place in itself, where time slows down, yet everyone stays active with personal hobbies and community interests.It’s home to several great $10-$25 summer and fall events like the Outdoor Movies and Oktoberfest, but hands down the best free event- aside from the nude Solstice Cyclists riding painted and proud before the Fremont Fair’s Solstice Parade, is the Sunday Farmer’s Market. All sorts of pickers, antique dealers, and one-time vendors swing through selling their unique wares, seasonal produce and fresh flowers. It’s more of a weekly street festival rather than a farmer’s market, as it includes performances from buskers, great ethnic street food, handmade fine art, jewelry, sculptures, furnishings, and everything kooky from your neighbors estate sale. It’s not just a stop on your sightseeing tour – Fremont is a destination to immerse yourself in the laid-back vibe the term Seattle Chill should represent.

ThumbOriginally a separate city from Seattle, and self-proclaimed Center of the Universe, Fremont is almost exclusively home to independent shops, including local restaurants, record shops, vintage stores, concert venues, coffee houses, arcades and food trucks. Sculptures from near and far adorn the streets as a reminder all views on life, love and politics are welcome. Vladimir Lenin’s 16 foot statue stands tall at one intersection, while a concrete troll made by four local artists clutches a Volkswagen Beetle underneath the 99 Aurora Bridge. Even the upper neighborhood by Woodland Park Zoo provides a unique walk full of mountain views, neighbors who make sure their bushes are trimmed- and, if you’re lucky enough to happen upon him, a buddha who collects party beads in exchange for wishes. With the unofficial slogan, ‘De Libertas Quirkas’ (Freedom to be Peculiar’), everyone is invited to partake in the free spirit that makes the neighborhood so charming, friendly and fun.

Immerse yourself in it. Become a part of it. And take home a local treasure!

When: Sundays year round, rain or shine, roughly 9am-5pm
Where: Fremont, from Evanston Ave N to Phinney Ave N on 34th Street
Parking: Free parking exists, though some neighborhood streets are permit only or 2 hour limit for non-permit holders. Many King County Metro Transit buses go near the market and cost $2.25 or less per ride.


















See you next Sunday?!

All photographs, writings, designs and intellectual works © Bethany L. Potter 2014. Contact Bethany with questions/inquiries.

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