Pirate Costume Party

Pirate Birthday Swashbuckling ImageHey you guys!!! Thanks for all the birthday shenanigans this season—my new year definitely started with a bang! It was low key, but not without a temporary tattoo parlor, pinata bashing, personalized decorations, and a homemade pizza feast. We partied in style this season!

Thanks to the people who couldn’t be here, but sent well wishes—like family members, school buddies, and online friends! So many people reached out to wish me a happy day, it felt nice to have such connections after all these years! I spoke with lots of people but by far the funniest phone conversation was with my Aunt Kris, the original black sheep. She said, she hoped I got some booty for her, to which I replied, “I’ve been working on it all morning!” Some days, especially birthdays, you gotta keep it real.

Thanks to my CFC home girl, Brianna! Her feisty encouragement and strong will brings out the best in everyone, and I’m glad to share a birthday—and everyday!— with my crafting partner in crime 😀Pirate Party Swashbuckling Image

And GareBear, my lovely mate, I’m always amazed how you love me, despite my indecision. Your easy going ways help me stay grounded, and your encouragement makes me feel loved. The cute munnies guy you created is more than proof—you love me! Thanks for being your awesome self, and always showing me a great time!

Pirate Birthday Swashbuckling Image

The Cute Munnie Guy:

And look at the decorations Garrett put together! We had a random assortment of cheap balloons from various parties, including Ninja Turtles, 40th, and 9th birthday party celebrations, and he and my roommate drew piratey themes on all of them—including whales, pearly clams, mermaids and skeletons!

My roomie drew the best balloon, though. He said he meant to draw a pirate wearing a hat which had the man’s likeness. But it totally looks like the a pirate man is flashing me, upside down.

Pirate Party Balloon Image

And in case you were wondering how awesome a 12 year old’s pirate themed costume party is for a woman almost 2 decades older—it’s waaaaay better the second time around! The rum punch was so good, it could host it’s own celebration! I’ll post my recipe on Catfight Craft— seriously, it was that tasty! Here’s a pic of my ingredients:

Pirate Party Rum Punch Image

And the temporary tattoo parlor was genius:

All in all, it was a good year, celebrated with great friends! Thanks, guys!
❤ Bethany

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