Super Plaid Jam Session

Super-Plaid-Basement-JamMusic is arguably one of the most universal forms of art. We shape the rhythm and sound with our emotions, which transcends all language barriers. It’s exciting, compelling, inspiring, and fun! So, I never pass up an opportunity to make music with others—and when I was invited to join the Super Plaid jam in their moody Seattle basement, I couldn’t resist!

The place alone is amazing, as Christmas lights of every color catch the foggy vapors, before bouncing around the room in a display covering the eclectic art, and spilling on the woven floor rugs. Being there makes you want to pick up an instrument, and there’s something for everybody! From the bass, guitars and drums of a traditional rock band, to electronic keyboards that manipulate recorded sounds, to the accent instruments that add spice —like kazoos, recorders, shakers, and the glockenspiel— Super Plaid are some multi-talented mofo’s that have it going on!

But the funk/rock band has practiced long enough to control their sound, so that non-structured jams emanate from their home studio as often as practiced sets. They work well together, and many of them can play multiple instruments, which always makes me think I could be a drummer, too! On day’s I’m lucky enough to catch a session, Super Plaid lets me join! They always humor me, and let me drum. I promptly return the sticks after a full minute of uncoordinated failing. And the jam continues with people saying stuff like ‘personal best!’ and ‘you did it!’ It’s a magical vibe in a foggin’ awesome place!

I should interview them, though. Yes. Interview to follow. Pictures to enjoy now.
Guitar: Matt Wray, Drums: Brianna Wray, Keys: Jared Wade. Accompanying them on the Bongo: Garrett Olsen.

Pistol Pix BANG! Logo

—Bethany, Photographer at Pistol Pix

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