The Best Doughnuts come with Bacon at VooDoo

Hands down, the best doughnuts in the country to tickle my taste buds came from Portland, Oregon. Though Voodoo Doughnuts banks off oddly shaped concoctions of the classic frosted glaze, with toppings like bubble gum, cookie-crumble, chocolate pieces, grape sprinkles and cereal—yes, cereal—once inside, you’ll see doughnut shapes, flavors and sizes to suit anyone’s tastes. And the walls sparkle glitter!

My personal favorite? The cock-n-balls is fun to order, but the smoked maple glazed bacon-topped long johns really complete me. They’re the best for hangovers, or anytime of day, really, as the sugar kick starts the day while the thick, perfectly crisp melt-in-your-mouth bacon keeps your tummy satisfied after the crash.

When a friend travels to Portland, I give them cash for a 6-pack of the sugary breakfast crack. People know the glitter wall exclaiming ‘The magic is in the hole!’ from a mile away, so expect to wait 30 minutes or more—but it’s worth the wait! And getting someone else that magic doughnut is the quickest way to create a friendship!

glitter-wall Voodoo-BuskersVoodoo-Waiting-Linemenu Voodoo-Doughnuts doughnuts VoodooDoughnuts_Featuredordering

…And Bring Some to Seattle?!

To Voodoo Doughnuts: Why aren’t you in Seattle? And to everyone else, please let me know if you’re visiting Portland, or coming to Seattle soon! I’ll take a 6 pack of the bacon maple crack to go! I heard the truck outside Voodoo offers to go orders if that makes it any easier?

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