The Real Twin Peaks Tour

Twin Peaks Twedes from the sideThis year, to commemorate the 25th anniversary re-emergence of David Lynch’s satirical 90’s television drama, Twin Peaks, my friends and I are adult-like trick-or-treating as characters from the show! To get ready, we visited some filming sites in Snoqualmie, Washington. The surrounding towns are slowly being gentrified, but there’s still secrets in the old Owl Caves! While the mill wasn’t accessible, and sadly, we missed the sheriff’s building during the daylight, plenty of landmarks were within driving range.

The Snoqualmie Lodge waterfall is always beautiful. You can walk down what may or may not be a path anymore, to the base of the falls. And if you ask the Lodge Concierge, they’ll give you a Map of Twin Peaks Destinations!
Twin Peaks Snoqualmie Lodge
Ronette’s bridge was a highlight—with it’s secret messages inscribed on the metal guard rails.

And other landmarks, like the fabulous Twede’s RR Diner, are still open for business. You’d better believe we stopped in for coffee and pie!

Not only was the food greasy and good as promised, but down the unassuming diner hallway, hung indiscreetly by the restrooms, were original black and white 120 film contact sheets of Twin Peaks actors! Laura Palmer, Leland and Black Lodge Bob all stared me down with contorted, frightening gestures while I waited in line. I read a story about Bob, who was just a stage hand until his creepy appearance frightened a co-worker so much, they brought it to the attention of a Producer. The man was instantly cast as Bob, the face of the Black Lodge.

As I stared at the most shocking gestures of Twin Peaks serial killers like Bob, and his murder victims, I realized—as long as gems like this are preserved, we can enjoy the stories of Twin Peaks, population 51, 201, for years to come!

I hope you’re now totally excited for the revival in 2016! If you’re ready to join the group costume, message me.
And have a Happy Halloween!

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